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The Rise Of The Greypreneur


If you look around most business establishments in your local area, you probably have noticed that there are an decreasing number of older people working on offices. However, you might also see many business owners with grey hair. This is largely due to the fact that more and more retirees are using their retirement benefits to start their own business.

When most people think of entrepreneurs and business start-ups, they think of ambitious men and women who are full of youth and hope. But the new players in start-ups seem to be people in their fifties and sixties. They have surged to the forefront of the entrepreneurial stage. And since they want to become more flexible and relaxed while making money, they wanted to start their business. This growing trend of businesses being started and run by older business owners has led to the creation of new terms such as ‘seniorpreneur’ and ‘greypreneur.’

Risk and starting off with nothing are normally the things that are associated with entrepreneurship and startup. However, this new breed of business newbies are some people who who have spent a lifetime building their wealth and are not interested in taking on too much risk. Their experience, credentials and willingness to continue working into their retirement years is what helps them gain the trust of customers and the confidence of loans officers at their bank or credit union.

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